Tom Swiss is...

...a lecturer who has taught workshops on topics from acupressure to Zen, from sexuality to self-defense, to audiences ranging from troubled teenage mothers to revelers at the alt-culture Starwood Festival.

...a karate instructor, with over two decades experience in the art. Tom holds the rank of yondan (fourth degree black belt), has taught karate in Japan, and has competed in tournaments both locally and internationally.

...a poet, who has appeared as a featured performer at most Baltimore poetry venues. He ran Zelda's Inferno, Baltimore's most successful weekly poetry workshop, from 2003 to 2007, and remains a leading participant. His work has appeared in Zelda Zine, in the anthology Octopus Dreams, and on the Birdhouse Studios CD Words on War.

...a professional software developer who has worked on projects in information security, space science, and e-commerce for clients ranging from the U.S. government to small businesses.

...a nationally certified shiatsu ("acupressure massage") practitioner, and a Maryland Certified Massage Therapist.

...and a singer/songwriter who has performed at numerous venues in the Baltimore area.

With his rich and varied background, Tom brings a unique blend of insight, creativity, enthusiasm, and humor to any subject he teaches.