Warrior Poet Consulting: Events

Cultivating Creativity

Friday May 16 - 6:30 - 8:30pm
The Well, 3711 Old Columbia Pike, Ellicott City
Register at www.EllicottCityWellness.com or call (410) 418-8944
Cost: just $20!

Whether you're an artist or an accountant, maximizing your creative potential will help you get the most out of life. This unique workshop will draw from Tom's experiences in the performing arts and the discipline of martial arts training to help you find and focus your creative powers.

Free Spirit Gathering

June 10-15, 2008
Darlington, Maryland

Tom will lead these workshops and events at the 2008 Free Spirit Gathering:

Prosperity: A Money Washing Ritual: In the hills of Kamakura, a historic city a little south of Tokyo, there is a Shinto shrine, Zeniarai Benten, which is centered around a sacred spring. People to wash their money in water from the spring in a prosperity ritual; spending the money that has been so washed is supposed to it bring many times back to you. We will perform a similar ceremony with water from the Sacred Wells of Ramblewood.

Self-defense as a Spiritual Practice: Our culture's confused attitudes about violence often obscure the fact that self-defense is also defense of the divine principle within all of us. In this workshop we will try to cut through the fog and discuss attitudes and skills to not just preserve your body but strengthen your spirit. Targeted for those without previous martial arts or self-defense training; but experienced students are also welcome. We will practice verbal and non-verbal communication skills for dealing with conflict, and a few simple self-defense techniques.

Yin, Meet Yang: A 5 Elements and Yin/Yang Look at Love and Sex: Most of us have heard of the basic Chinese principles of Yin and Yang, and have some idea that "Yin is female" and "Yang is male". Is there more to it that that? Of course! We'll be discussing the model of the human being provided by the basic TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) concepts of Yin/Yang, the Five Elements, and the Twelve Meridians; and how that model might inform our thinking about love, sex, and relationships.

Starwood Festival

July 22-27, 2008
Sherman, New York

Tom will be leading workshops (TBD) at the Starwood Festival.